What's a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file which the website installs on the hard drive of your device, on the moment you visit the corresponding website. The information stored in the file can be requested by the server of the website on a returning visit. The most important function of a cookie is to distinguish one user from another.


How does Housing Check use cookies?

Housing Check makes use of cookies to keep track of the visits to our website statistics via Google Analytics and to analyse and optimise our website. We use cookies on the following websites:


An overview of the cookies used by Housing Check can be found here. Besides others, it is also mentioned as to which purposes these cookies are used by housing Check and for which period they are stored. 


When do you destroy cookies?

The data which is linked to the cookies on our website will automatically be destroyed after a 14 month period. Data which reached this period is being removed once per month automatically. ​

For more information regarding data security and cookies, please visit:

| Google Analytics Terms of Service

| Google Analytics Privacy & Terms overview

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