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How to recognise a rental scam

Due to the high demand on the housing market, a lot of scammers are active. Not only here in the Netherlands, but worldwide. We have listed a few things which require your attention prior to transferring any money:

- If it’s too good to be true, it is! A room in The Netherlands will cost you approximately between the €450,00 to €600,00 all inclusive with registration. Deposit is at least one month deposit, no more than two months. Anything more or less should ring bells.

- If the comments are disabled. They do this because they don’t want peoplewho know they are scammers to ‘ruin’ their advertisement

- The Facebook page of the landlord has bad quality pictures.

- The friend list does not match up with the identity. For example a Caucasian name and appearance, but an all Nigerian friend list or an Asian name, but an all Arabic friend list.

- Try to google image search the pictures of the accommodation. Often the pictures are from AirBnB or other websites.

- Search for the address in Google Maps and compare the features of the accommodation (such as front doors, windows etc) with the accommodation on Google Maps.

Of course, you can never exclude scams this way, but it is a very good start to prevent a scam. Even if everything turns out ‘fine’, there is always a chance of being scammed.

The advertisement looks legit, you even got a viewing and a tenancy agreement. Are these the requirements to ensure the validity of the accommodation and landlord? NO. There are many ‘hidden’ pitfalls where most people do not think about nor know about.

Think about, amongst others;

1) is the landlord the person he claims to be?,

2) does hehave the permits to rent out the property?,

3) Is there a default on the mortgagepayment?

These are just a few examples of pitfalls where you can stumble upon and canresult in you losing your room and the upfront payments; the deposit and rent. Get a Housing Check package to ensure yourself that you are not dealing with a scam. Housing Check provides a guarantee which covers up to €1.000,00 in case of being scammed due to incorrect information in the report.