Frequent Asked Questions

Why should I purchase an Investigation Package?

An Investigation Package is always recommended because you never know if someone is telling the truth or not, even if you visit the place yourself. Is this person who he says he is? Is he a bona fide landlord? Is he even allowed to rent out this place? Does the accommodation even exist?

With so many scammers on the housing market, you can never be too careful. Especially when you are requested to transfer a fair amount of money in order to ‘seal the deal’, it is wise to do such a housing check. This to prevent you from being scammed. For more information regarding this package, please check here.

How long does it take before I receive the services?

On weekdays (except holidays), we will provide you with a full report of the Housing Check within 48 hours. If you have booked a Housing Check on Saturday, we cannot guarantee the report on Sunday because of the organizations we work with are not available on Sundays and holidays. Of course, we will always do our best to deliver the Housing Check report within 48 hours.

How can you offer the investigation package for such an affordable price?

Because we have collaborations with different organisations, we are able to offer this package for such an affordable price. Also, we no longer offer other packages and therefore are solely specialised in the investigation package what also beats down the price.

Who can book a package?

Everyone who wants to check up on an accommodation and/or landlord in the Netherlands can book a package. You don’t have to be an international (student, intern, expat etc.) who is planning to come to the Netherlands, you might as well already be in the Netherlands, or be a Dutch national. Just keep in mind, when your business involves a fair amount of money, everybody can claim to be somebody he is not. Book a package to be sure that your future home is bona fide!

Can you make an express delivery?

You can always inquire about the possibilities of an express delivery. Depending on the agenda and the desired delivery time we can offer this for an additional fee.

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