Housing Check provides an investigation package. On this page, you will find more information regarding this package and what you can expect.


Investigation package

Who is this package for?

If you are a potential tenant of a property, or if you just want to receive more information regarding a specific place, this package will suit you best. Even if you are not abroad, this package will clarify the situation at hand.


What do I get?

The investigation package consists of a thorough investigation of the accommodation in question, the outcome is put down in a detailed report, accompanied with advice and applicable guarantees, which will be provided to you in .PDF format. Minimal the following info will be presented and outlined;

  • Council of owners(hip);

  • Ownership;

  • Agency info;

  • Accommodation information;

  • Mortgages; 

  • Seizures;

  • Market value;

  • Insolvency info;

  • Energy Index.


What is the 48h delivery guarantee?

The 48hour delivery guarantee applies to the investigation package and means that the investigation and report will be done and delivered to you within 48hours from the moment you placed your order successfully. If Housing Check fails to deliver the product in this timeframe, you will be refunded the total amount of the package.


What is the Housing Check guarantee?

This guarantee is applicable to every report wherein it is concluded that the offer in question is not a scam. If you get scammed due to false information given by us in the report, Housing Check will cover the damages suffered by you up to 1.000,-- euros.


What information do I need so I can order this package?

You can only order this package if you have the address of the accommodation at hand which you would like us to investigate. Without this address, it is not possible to order this package.

It is very helpful – but not necessary – if you can provide us with additional information regarding the advertisement of the accommodation, like a website-URL, print screen of the advertisement, contact details of the owner and/or agency, or an image. You will have the possibility to upload this information in the order process.